The international debt crisis-causes

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"Too-Big-To-Fail" doctrine-purposes and consequences

OR The international debt crisis-causes, consequences, and remedies Case Projects

• A. Must be typewritten, double-spaced, type no larger than 12 point, 1 inch margins or less.
• B. About 8-10 pages in length, not including references, title page, figures, or tables.
• C. Cases will be graded on six (6) equally-weighted evaluative criteria:
• (a) Objectives/Problem Statement;
• (b) Accomplishment of (a);
• (c) Depth of treatment from scholarly sources;
• (d) Logic of organization, argument and presentation;
• (e) Readability, syntax, spelling; and
• (f) Overall evaluation.

All ideas, hypotheses, conclusions not original with the author must be accompanied by appropriate citations. Use the style for citations followed in the text. Internet citations should include the name of the author(s), complete URL, date of the posting or publication, date of access, publisher and city, state and country. Case reports are the product of the student and should be kept by them throughout the course. Copyright by the student is assumed. Be sure to retain a copy of the paper before it is submitted.

Case Write-up Guidelines

1. Executive Summary of results and conclusions (less than 1 page).

2. A brief overview of the case and a statement of the problem to be addressed.

3. Tools, techniques or analytical methods to be employed to address the central problem of the case.

4. A discussion of your analysis.

5. Summary and conclusions.

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Reference no: EM13865854

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