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Identify the individual or type of industry in which he/she is successful. 

Discuss how, in your opinion, the individual’s communication skills have been integral to their success.

Identify one example of how the individual you selected has used oral or written communication to his/her advantage.

Could the individual you selected be successful if he/she exhibited poor oral or written communication skills? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132188763

How might the industry be converted into a blue ocean

Provide an example of an industry experiencing a red ocean. In your opinion, how might the industry be converted into a blue ocean? Try to diversify your industry choices.

Scientific management and administrative management

Briefly describe the principles of scientific management and administrative management. What assumptions do these perspectives make about workers? To what extent are these ass

Describe the extent of liability of the airline

Air Fate flight 13 is a regional jet operating in regularly scheduled passenger service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Describe the extent of liability of the airline for

Managerial accounting differs from financial accounting

In general, managerial accounting differs from financial accounting because it is internally focused as opposed to externally focused. Managerial accounting (or strategic cost

Explain and discuss how asset ownership-tax laws

Explain and discuss how asset ownership, tax laws, and government policies affect estate planning for same sex or unmarried couples, including planning in states that do and d

Services desired and customers buying power

An organization or an entrepreneur can look for opportunities in different external areas, according to Peter Drucker. When the opportunity is due to a change by altering the

Define corporate culture

State the specific outcomes and metrics for the organization change ? Define corporate culture? Why do conflicts often exist in organizations wherein everyone ostensibly works

Calculate the degree of financial leverage

The Plastic Corporation has a current capital structure consisting of $150,000 of 15% debt and 3,500 shares of common stock. The tax rate is 40%. Determine the earnings per sh


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