The impact of family violence

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Question: Watch the video "Alcohol and the Family: Breaking the Chain" (please find link in the attachment file) You have to watch video or read transcript in order to complete this paper. Please inform if you can not open link or transcript to video.

Write a 1,700- to 1,950-word paper discussing the impact alcohol and family violence can have on the life cycle.

Include the following information:

A historical perspective on how alcohol and family violence have been impacted by legislative changes

The impact of alcohol abuse on both the addicted individual and those around them

The impact of family violence on both the perpetrator of family violence and those exposed to family violence

Intervention methods, which could be applied to this family in crises

How the family rituals may affect the family member in crises

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Reference no: EM13719380

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