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These questions are set as guidance; your paper should not just answer these question but instead use these questions as a guideline to write your analysis. I will expect a full financial analysis and a complete paper. As well I will expect a Powerpoint presentation that is complete enough to set the issue detail your analysis and present your findings.

Krispy Kreme - Student Study Questions for Advance Assignments

1. What can the historical income statements (case Exhibit 1) and balance sheets (case Exhibit 2) tell you about the financial health and current condition of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc.?
2. How can financial ratios extend your understanding of financial statements? What questions do the time series of ratios in case Exhibit 7 raise? What questions do the ratios on peer firms in case Exhibits 8 and 9 raise?
3. Is Krispy Kreme financially healthy at year-end 2004?
4. In light of your answer to question 3, what accounts for the firm's recent share price decline?
5. What is the source of intrinsic investment value in this company? Does this source appear on the financial statements?

Reference no: EM131036781

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