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The grievance process—which typically is comprised of labor agreements negotiated by organized labor—has been severely criticized by many analysts for providing unwarranted protection for workers, and for making many types of workers virtually incapable of being fired. From your research, what are 2 real examples of grievances filed within a union environment? 2.Do you agree that those 2 grievances should have been filed? Why or why not? 3.Obviously, a best practice is for management to resolve an issue before it becomes a grievance. What are two specific, proactive methods that would minimize the likelihood of a grievance being filed?

Reference no: EM131137553

Respond directly to the majority of employees

Discuss why it is preferable for the department manager to respond directly to the majority of employees’ HR-related questions, rather than simply telling them to “go ask Huma

What were processes of collectivization-industrialization

What were the processes of collectivization and industrialization in the USSR? What were Stalin’s goals with each of these campaigns? Were the methods Stalin used to collectiv

Discuss the bullwhip effect and its implications

Discuss the bullwhip effect and its implications at your place of employment and its extended supply chain. If bullwhip effect is not applicable for your business, discuss the

Required using the low-level coded product structure tree

Product A consists of three units of Subassembly B, three units of C, and one unit of D. B is composed of two units of E and three units of F. C is made of three units of H an

Identifies high-potential employees as successors on plan

HOW HR identifies high-potential employees as successors on the plan? What is The ROLE of learning & development plays in preparing identified high-potential employees as succ

Essentials of business processes and information systems

SSB has a need to produce 100 standard skateboards to replenish inventory. Create all the documents necessary to document the process used to produce these materials. You can

What are leadership theories

What are leadership theories? Compare and contrast the contingency theory to the trait approach. What are some of the similarities and differences that occur between them? Wha

How leader can recognize regressive cycle

Describe briefly how a leader can recognize a regressive cycle and what should the leader's response be?  Hatten (2009) stated, because inventory is such a significant expense


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