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In her work in the publishing? industry, Vera Loranzo seeks out new authors who she considers promising. In the past two? years, she has found a number of new writers whose work she thought was exceptional and immersed herself in the task of helping them shape their manuscripts for submission to her managers for publishing. Although she was extremely proud of the? results, none of the authors she worked with were chosen for publication. After learning about her? management's decision, she is extremely frustrated and is beginning to resent the job she does.? However, she knows there is nothing she can do and continues working because of the good perks and salary benefits the job offers. How can? Loranzo's job attitude be best? described? A. high psychological empowerment B. low job involvement C. low job satisfaction D. high positivity offset E. low emotional contagion

Reference no: EM131192846

Mentioned corporate culture development

You mentioned corporate culture development as being a rewarding function. Of course, this can be true if HR can play a role in this - but do you think they really can? Isn't

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Lieutenant Commander Data is planning to make this monthly (every 30 days) trek to Gamma Hydra City to pick up a supply of isolinear chips. The trip will take Data about two d

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First find three Nash equilibria of the following normal form game one of the equilibria is a mixed strategy equilibrium. Then think about the following metaphor for life - as

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The state of Iowa passes a law regulating the length of tractor trailers traveling on roads within the state. In particular, the law restricts the length of double tractor tra

Significant gaps between desired and actual performance

As an OD practitioner you receive a call from client. It is explained to you that there are many organizational problems and significant gaps between desired and actual perfor

Core culture and elements of its observable culture

Using an organization with which you are familiar, identify its core culture and the elements of its observable culture as defined by Senge. What do you think would need to be

Employees annual performance review

A supervisor just completed one of his employee's annual performance review. The supervisor saw a growth potential for this employee in the company. Which of the following is

What is difference between free and freemium revenue models

Compare Pandora’s original business model with its current business model. What’s the difference between “free” and “freemium” revenue models? What is the customer value propo


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