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Question: Juvenile Blueprint Programs

Look at the Blueprints programs on pages 377-384.

Choose one of these programs to study and write a 3-5 page paper explaining the program. Be sure to include the goals or mission of the program, who it targets, and why you think it has been successful, as well as any other important information you think we should know about the program. You will have to use outside sources for this assignment.


3 pages

Use at least 3 reliable sources (not Wikipedia


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Introduction and Background

Tobacco use in the young adults is considered to be one of the deadliest addictions for a nation. The terrible effects of tobacco use or cigarette smoking have become a serious health problem at the global level. Scientific reports suggest that nowadays above 6, 00,000 middle school students, and more than 3 million higher-class students are addicted to tobacco or cigarettes. Mostly the youth and young adults between ages 12-25 use tobacco on a regular basis and come up with the general health effects including chronic coughing habit, impaired lung function, breathing problem and wheezing. Hence, an organization of awareness program in the youth is believed to be essential in order to raise their consciousness regarding the risk factors of tobacco use (Botvin, Gilbert, & Griffin, 2015).

This way the tobacco prevention program among the youth can be channelized to reduce the tobacco usage (Henningfield, Jack, Moolchan, & Zeller, 2003). In particular, the present report is based on discussion of a 10-day school-based prevention program, which aims at increasing awareness among children against the ill health effects of tobacco. The necessary program plans and the corresponding objective are detailed in the preceding structure.

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