The goal of unstructured interviews

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The goal of unstructured interviews is to:

a. create anxiety to assess an applicant's ability to perform under stress.

b. elicit necessary information and reactions from interviewees.

c. place emphasis on the team approach to management and problem solving.

d. explore unknown areas to determine an applicant’s ability to speak comfortably about a wide range of topics.

_____ is the part of the communication process that involves how we look at others and the world around us.

a. Perception

b. Coherence

c. Slander

d. Outlining

Which of the following suggestions should be used to make a form letter more personal?

a. Use mass produced mailing labels.

b. Use colloquialisms.

c. Use a highquality printer.

d. Use the inductive sequence.

A supervisor at a manufacturing plant is told to dump chemicals used in the refining process rather than dispose of them properly according to safety regulations. The owner of the company insists that the chemicals are not harmful to the environment. The supervisor knows that the dumping is illegal, but he knows that he will lose his job if he reports the problem to authorities at the Environmental Protection Agency. This is an example of which potential cause of unethical behavior?

a. Unwillingness to stand for what is right

b. Obsession with personal advancement

c. Uncertainty about whether an act is wrong

d. Expectation of not getting caught

Sentences in subjunctive mood:

a. divert attention from the real message to emotional issues that have little to do with the message.

b. include a reason that makes the negative idea seem less objectionable and thus improves the tone.

c. make an idea seem negative or disrespectful.

d. distract the receiver from paying sufficient attention to the statements that follow.

Reference no: EM13969045

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