The goal of the firm is to make money

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Dr. Eli Goldratt states that "THE GOAL OF THE FIRM IS TO MAKE MONEY". Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position with at least two examples of companies that may or may not follow this statement.

Reference no: EM131143587

Just-in-time or lean manufacturing as practiced

Since the early 1980's we in the United States have been hearing about, and most have adopted, Just-In-Time or Lean Manufacturing as practiced by the Japanese. Is it really "j

Inspecting quality into a product

What is meant by the term "Inspecting Quality into a Product"? If you can't inspect quality into a product, how do you get Quality into a product? Consider some of your recent

Define what constitutes an organizations culture

Define what constitutes an organization's culture. Is location a critical aspect of a company’s culture? Why or why not? Respond to the posts of your classmates.

Make their positioning strategies tangible

When banks try to make their positioning strategies tangible through the ________ dimension, they make sure the exterior and interior have clean lines, the layout of the desks

What was the purpose of the clique

What clique are you a part of in your current organization (or a prior organization). What was the purpose of the clique? Did it accomplish its purpose? Discuss, giving reason

How does one calculate the number of kanban needed in a

What is the difference between a push and pull production system. What is Kanban?. Is Kanban a push or a pull production control technique. How does one calculate the number o

Analyze the relevant legal-social-business and ethical

Fact Summary: Barker was a mechanic who repaired cars and similar vehicles from 1967 to 1995. His work required use of heavy machinery to grind, sand and cut compenents like b

Tom works for large payroll outsourcing firm

Tom works for a large payroll outsourcing firm. One of his key customer’s contracts is set to expire in one month. Competition has heated up in this industry and Tom’s custome


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