The gilded age

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You can use internet sources; there is no class note available. Use can use the American history format and for that, you can refer to journals and articles.

TOPIC: The Gilded Age

In this unit, you have learned many things regarding the Gilded Age while also getting a quick peek into the Progressive Age. Based on this knowledge from the lesson and readings, identify the events introduced in this post-Civil War era that you feel best represent Twain's imagery of "The Gilded Age." Explain your reasoning for this selection. The essay should focus on, but not be limited to, the following:

• Identify events surrounding the Native American assimilation efforts, specifically the Dawes Act.
• Distinguish how opportunities in mining and trade out west impacted values during the Gilded Age or were impacted by values of the Gilded Age.
• Examine the values, both social and political, that you learned within this unit regarding the Gilded Age, and evaluate how they impacted, or were impacted by, Manifest Destiny.

Your response should be a minimum of two pages in length (not including the title and references pages). You are required to use only source material deemed academically permissible for your response. All sources used, including
textbooks, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

Reference no: EM131128120

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