The four utilities offered to consumers through retailing

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1. The largest inventory of wedding dresses in the Southeast can be found at Low's Bridal and Formal in Brinkley, Arkansas. From December 26 to January 16, a prospective bride shopping at Low's can find gowns once priced at $6,000 for $2,999 and $800 gowns for $399. The reduced prices of these gowns are reflected in which retail pricing strategy?


original markups

maintained markups

inventory shrinkages

net markups

2. The four utilities offered to consumers through retailing are

convenience, performance, possession, and form.

time, place, possession, and form.

product, price, place, and promotion.

people, productivity, process, and physical environment.

convenience, consistency, competition, and choice.

3. The wholesalers most prevalent in the hardware, drug, and clothing industries would be __________.

specialty wholesalers

full-line wholesalers

cash and carry wholesalers

limited-line wholesalers

universal wholesalers

4. Your local Safeway grocery store is MOST LIKELY classified as which retail variation based on the number of items it carries?


full service


limited service


5. Wholesalers who own the merchandise they sell but do not physically handle, stock, or deliver it are referred to as __________.

cash and carry wholesalers

rack jobbers

truck jobbers

manufacturer's representatives

drop shippers

6. Specialty stores that dominate the market are referred to as __________.


category killers

specialty outlets

regional dominators

general merchandise stores

7. The __________ provided by retailers create value for consumers.


wholesaling functions




8. Wholly-owned extensions of the producer that perform wholesaling activities are referred to as

general merchandise wholesalers.

cash and carry wholesalers.

agents and brokers.

manufacturer's branches and sales offices.

merchant wholesalers.

9. In the telemarketing industry, issues such as consumer privacy, __________, and industry standards have become a topic of discussion among consumers, Congress, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and businesses.

product quality

price differences

ethical guidelines

on-time delivery

competitive antics

10. Consumers often view central business district shopping as less convenient because of the lack of parking, higher crime rates, and __________.

out-dated stores

a lack of ambiance

fewer quality restaurants

few public restrooms

exposure to the weather

Reference no: EM132279844

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