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The food services division of Cedar River Amusement Park Inc. is studying the amount that families who visit the amusement park spend per day on food and drink. A sample of 40 families who visited the park yesterday revealed they spent the following amounts:

















58 58 53 51 62 43 52 53 63 62 62 65 61


















a. Organize the data into a frequency distribution, using seven classes and 15 as the lower limit of the first class. What class interval did you select? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) What is the Class Interval?

b. Where do the data tend to cluster? (Select all that apply.)
$25 up to $35
$45 up to $55
$35 up to $45
$55 up to $65

$75 up to $85

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Reference no: EM13942588

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