The fitness program to make improvements to muscular fitness

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1. (2 page minimum)

Decide which three topics have had the greatest impact on you in terms of what and how much you have gained from this course and how it all relates to your personal goals of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your future.

Treat this as an opportunity to think about:
i) where you are now health wise,

ii) where you want to be in the future, and

iii) what will have the greatest impact on helping you get there.

Be specific in citing information from the text and other resources we have used (videos, etc.) to validate your reflections.

2. (1 page minimum)

Consider the fitness program that you created to make improvements to your muscular fitness (strength and endurance), flexibility and balance.

Describe in detail any improvements you have experienced as a consequence of your program.

If you haven't, discuss what may have been the cause(s), and what you could have done to avoid or prevent them.

Finally, discuss how you plan to continue with your program, what modifications you could to make to continue improving your muscular fitness, and what your life long goals will be in maintaining it.

Your responses to the above should be in one document, which should include your name, be formatted with 1-inch margins using a 12-point font, and double spaced. Use appropriate citations within your paper per MLA or APA formats. And please double check your grammar and spelling before submitting in word .docx or .pdf format.

for question 1. topics covered

•nutrition for better health and fitness

•fitness and health for every age

•adopting and maintaining healthy habits

for question 2.

this is the attached copy for muscular fitness.

Attachment:- EXERCISE REGIMEN.rar

Reference no: EM131181386

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