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Consider a model of Cournot competition as studied in class, with 2 firms and a linear inverse demand function P(Q) = a – Q (where Q = q1 + q2 is the total quantity produced by the two firms and a is a parameter). The firms have different marginal costs: c1 for Firm 1 and c2 for Firm 2. (a) Find the Nash equilibrium. (b) Assume Firm 1’s marginal cost is larger (c1 > c2). Which firm produces more in equilibrium? How do the quantities produced in equilibrium change if Firm 1 improves its technology, leading to a slightly lower c1 (while c2 is unchanged)? (c) Find the total quantity produced and each firm’s profit in equilibrium. Describe what happens to these when Firm 1 changes its technology as above.

Reference no: EM131002686

Social security and medicare for the elderly

Social Security Do you think the federal government should increase spending on Social Security and Medicare for the elderly? If not, how should the elderly fund retirement an

Temporary assistance to needy families

Suppose that the U.S. Congress is debating whether to end the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program and instead let local governments replace this program with

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Several years ago Coca Cola decided to change the formula for its major Coca-Cola product line. They used panel taste-test and branded the new product as "New Coke" It was a f

Designed to promote competition-improve market efficiency

In principle, the antitrust laws are designed to promote competition and improve market efficiency. Given the work by Williamson (1968) and Demsetz (1973), explain why these l

Absence of taxes-part of the dead weight loss of the tax

In the absence of taxes, Carlos would prefer to purchase a large fishing boat with a 75 hp motor. The government has recently decided to place a tax on boats with 75 hp motors

Raise the cost of electricity production

Suppose the economy is in long-run equilibrium. In a short span of time, there is a sharp increase in the supply of labor, a major new discovery of oil, and new environmental

Why u.s. companies are having issue with exporting

Discuss the five reasons that Crooks outlines in the article and finish your post by offering your opinion of whether The Economist's viewpoint or with The Industrialist's v

Which process is economically efficient

A firm plans to produce 1,000 units per day of good X. The firm’s production engineer finds two technically efficient processes (i.e., input combinations of labor and capital)


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