The f1 generation consisted of wild-type males and females

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Q1. In Drosophila a cross was made between a yellow-bodied male with vestigial (not fully developed) wings and a wild-type female (brown body). The F1 generation consisted of wild-type males and wild-type females. F1 males and females were crossed, and the F2 progeny consisted of 16 yellow-bodied males with vestigial wings, 48 yellow-bodied males with normal wings, 15 males with brown bodies and vestigial wings, 49 wild-type males, 31 brown-bodied females with vestigial wings, and 97 wild-type females. Give details the inheritance of the two genes in question based on these results.

Q2. Recognize the type of cross you received: monohybrid or dihybrid, autosomal or sex linked, mutations dominant or recessive.

Reference no: EM136720

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