The economic run size and the maximum inventory

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A grocery shop that makes candles offers a scented candle, which can be produced at a rate of 36 boxes per day and used 12 boxes per day. Assume that demand is uniform throughout the year and the shop opens for 360 days. Setup cost is $80 for a run, and holding cost is $2 per box on a yearly basis. Please compute the following tasks using EPQ model: (a) The economic run size (b) The maximum inventory (c) The total cost

Reference no: EM131133823

Virginia is planning to develop an outsourcing strategy

SysDev, Inc., a major systems integration and migration company located in Arlington, Virginia is planning to develop an outsourcing strategy, which will be turned into a form

Participate in the project implementation

Speculate what would happen if a step is not completed in the project management process? What are the consequences for all stakeholders? For example, what would be the potent

Why an organization would support projects

Suggest some reasons why an organization would support projects that show a significant incremental profit over direct costs but are not profitable when costs are fully acco

Consumers involvement at the time of ad exposure

Suppose you were faced with the choice between an ad and that attempts to create favorable attitudes by making several strong claims about the product and an ad devoid of such

How many extension lines should be used if the company wants

How many extension lines should be used if the company wants to handle 90% of the calls immediately? What is the average number of extension lines that will be bus

Equal probability of occurrence

You are trying to determine what stocks to invest in. What would be the investment choices given the following criteria: What would be the investment choice if each state of n

Database design of the inventory for contents of garage

Consider you were in charge of the interview process for the database design of the inventory for the contents of a garage. What are 2 open ended questions you would ask durin

Develop research questions in support of a business problem

Develop a research purpose statement based on stated business problems. Compare the articles' foundational theories and concepts supporting the stated business problems' resea


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