The DRG system has changed since it was first implemented

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The DRG system has changed since it was first implemented in the 1980s. Here are some questions to think about and respond to:

1) Is the DRG system effective for a hospital? If yes, why? If no, why not?

2) Is there a different system that might be more effective?

3) What changes to the existing system do you think might make sense?

Reference no: EM132183776

What are the importance of learning program evaluation

What are the importance of learning program evaluation. Does evaluation improve the trainings’ quality? should its effects be evaluated in relation with organization performan

Leaders can use to influence their followers in workplace

Providing a sense of purpose is one way that leaders can influence their followers in today’s complex work environment. Identify three other techniques that leaders can use to

Research methods-root causes and research instruments

Determining potential methods of researching the issues, identifying the root causes of the issues, and determining the appropriate research instruments to collect data are

What would be forecast for period-weighted moving average

Using Data Set E1, what would be the forecast for period 6 using a 3-period weighted moving average? The weights are 0.50, 0.30, 0.20. (Choose the closest answer.) Data Set E1

What is the upper control limits and the lower control limit

Cordelia Barrera is attempting to monitor a filling process that has an overall average of 715 cc cubedcc3. The average range Upper R overbarR is 4 cc cubedcc3. For a sample s

Overcosting a particular product may result

Overcosting a particular product may result in: A company with sales of $100,000, variable costs of $70,000, and fixed costs of $50,000 will reach its breadk-even point is sal

How does danny influence members of the running group

Here are the questions for the case titled; Donny is my Leader, located in the Doc Sharing Area. Please respond individually and to the postings of your fellow students. Why d

Publicly expressed an interest in managing diversity

Describe an organization that has publicly expressed an interest in managing diversity. Include the article, website, etc. that demonstrates their interest. Why do organizatio


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