The digital divide seems to be a prevailing issue

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The digital divide seems to be a prevailing issue in today's rapidly changing world. What responsibility do e-marketers have in closing this divide? What about government responsibility? Select a country to bring forward supporting your discussion.

Reference no: EM131276887

Prepare presentation for fraud case

Prepare a presentation for this fraud case. The nature of the fraud - what happened? The key players involved in the fraud – who/whom did it? How it occurred - what controls w

Many firms have recently moved toward modular structure

Many firms have recently moved toward a modular structure. For example, they have increasingly outsourced many of their IT activites. Identify 2 such organizations. Using the

What kind of reports-other ancillary monitoring attributes

What kind of reports or other ancillary monitoring attributes should be documented at project termination? Why? How? Why is it called lessons learned? Are there some projects

Case study describing one specific issue at the organization

1. Develop the final project as a case study describing an  organization of your choice/OR an organization you researched using various content from (example: diversity, cultu

Operate each processing plant-labor-capital goods

Suppose a profit maximizing company in West Virginia contracts with poultry (chickens) farmers in three regions which produce up to 4,000, 5,000, and 6,000 lbs/week. There are

Used to transfer natural gas throughout its network

Northwest Natural Gas has a network of pipes that are used to transfer natural gas throughout its network. The following pipe network has pipe flow capacities in gallons per m

What are the arguments in favor of outsourcing jobs

Outsourcing of jobs has become increasingly popular and controversial. What are the arguments in favor of outsourcing U.S. jobs overseas to countries such as India and China?

Find the minimum cost production plan

Given the projected demands for the next six months, prepare an aggregate plan that uses inventory, regular time, overtime, subcontract and backorders. Regular time is limited


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