The difference between composition and improvisation

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Answer following Question in 6 sentences;-

1) What are some of the ways that music and technology have always been intertwined and how do electronic instruments and studio techniques open a wide range of possibilities for creative musicians?

2) What is the difference between composition and improvisation? Discuss the continuum between the two processes and include what resources composers and improvisers draw on to fashion their own unique creations.

3) Why does every sound have a distinctive timbre and how is timbre related to tradition, technique, and structure, as well as to an individual's expertise and sensitivity?

4) What is the significance of the notation c1, c2, c3, etcetera and what is your personal definition of clefs and how they work?

5) How would you define the subject of musical texture and how does texture relate to density? What are the four main categories in which Western music scholars have classified texture?

6) Why is harmony a world-wide phenomenon? Discuss the concepts of consonance and dissonance in terms of harmonic practice.

7) What are chords and intervals in music. Give a written example of two types of chords with their labels. Do the same for three intervals.

8) What is one of the most common musical structures or forms that is found in many diverse cultures all over the world. Give numerous examples.

9) Who are the pioneers of electronic music and what developments have taken place in electronics in relation to music in your lifetime?

10) Explain the difference between monophony, polyphony, heterophony, and homophony and provide a clear definition of each.

Reference no: EM131143428

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