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31. You are the project manager for the development of a new type of power plant. Your project is making fast progress, and it is getting nearer to the day of product acceptance. Which technique will be most important for product acceptance?31 o Inspection o Quality audit o Impact analysis o Team review

32. What are the cost types in modern quality management?32 o Costs of good quality - costs of bad quality o Planning costs - assurance costs - control costs o Planning costs - doing costs - checking costs - acting costs o Prevention costs - appraisal costs - failure costs
33. During the execution of a project to build a complex defense system, your team has run into a deep crisis.
The project's goal and objectives have been challenging right from the start, but now you have discovered that your team members have become increasingly unaware of them. Being busy solving detail problems, they often fail to understand the overall requirements. Then they develop solutions which resolve issues in their area of limited responsibility, while causing new problems at the interfaces with other system components.
Meanwhile, the team members show signs of growing frustration, and time is running away. How can you help your team in this situation?33 o Accompany your team members along a sequence of maturity levels from dependence through independence to interdependence. o Ignore the low-level issues and focus on achieving the overall requirements, details can be sorted out during test and handover. o If everybody simply does their jobs, then there should be no problem. Make sure that team members are fully aware of their accountability. o Problems of this dimension have their origin in fundamental personal incompatibilities between team members. You should replace them all.

34. For a project, the following earned value data have been assessed:
AC: $ 4,000,000 CV: $ -500,000 SPI: 1.12 BaC: $ 9,650,000
What is the earned value of the project? 34 o $3,000,000 o $3,500,000 o $4,480,000 o $5,650,000
35. During execution in a project to build a major road bridge, your team found a major flaw in the technical drawings. On an ad-hoc base, they had to find and implement a workaround to avoid delays and mitigate technical problems. What should you do next?35 o Meticulously document the problem and the workaround to create a requested change to the project management plan, which will then be passed to the body responsible for the change control decision. o The workaround was performed on a technical level only. As long as it does not influence the function of the bridge or the organizational configuration of the project, a change request will not be necessary. o A retroactive formal change request side is not reasonable. Create some additional documents describing the workaround and sign them by yourself, you can present them during the next regular CCB meeting. o It is normal in projects that during project execution inconsistencies arise between planning documents and actual implementation. This is no problem as long as the functional status of the product is maintained.

Reference no: EM13706048

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