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1. The Delian League was created to

a. conduct democratic reforms in Athens

b. discourage further Persian invasions

c. maintain peace within the Greek world

d. bring greater wealth to Sparta and its allies

e. all of the above

2. By 327 b.c.e. Alexander’s troops refused to go any farther from home after they reached

a. Egypt

b. Bactria

c. China

d. Mesopotamia

e. India

3. The people/person known as Homer knew about Mycenaean world because

a. he was a historian

b. he had Mycenaean records

c. he excavated ancient sites

d. he followed oral traditions

e. none of the above

4. Which of the following was not one of Plato’s ideas?

a. the belief that our display of virtue or other qualities in the world was merely an imperfect reflection of the true reality

b. the belief that there was another world of ideal qualities called forms

c. the belief that the ideal state was one ruled by a philosophical elite

d. the belief that only democracy could make the philosopher-king possible

e. the belief that the ideal state would allow people to work at jobs where their talents lie.

5. According to the most ancient legends of the Republic period, the kingdom of Rome was established in 753 bce by

a. Remus

b. a she-wolf

c. Aeneas

d. Romulus

e. none of the above

6. Which of the following was done by Caesar after he seized power in 49 bce?

a. he started large scale building projects

b. he centralized the military under his control

c. he named himself dicatator for life

d. he distributed property to the veterans of his armies

e. all of the above

7. During the Punic Wars, the Romans first came into bloody conflict with the Carthaginians when the Romans extended to

a. Britain

b. Greece

c. Egypt

d. Sicily

e. Carthage

8. The Essenes

a. were an early Christian sect

b. were a sect of Mithraism

c. was another term for the Dead Sea Scrolls

d. followed their own savior

e. none of the above

9. The society of the Etruscans was ruled by

a. city-states

b. a republican government

c. powerful kings

d. two consuls

e. tribunes

10. The term caesaropapism refers to the fact that the Byzantine emperors

a. claimed divine favor and sanction

b. claimed divine status

c. claimed half-human and half-divine status

d. claimed to be both Roman emperor and pope

e. none of the above.

Reference no: EM13246237

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