The definition of health and examples of an intervention

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1. The definition of health?

2. In which field were the first evaluations done?

3. Who was the third generation of evaluations was typified by?

4. What conditions are valid reasons NOT to evaluate a program?

5. What evaluation would be the appropriate type of evaluation if an agency began?

Delivering a health program less than a year ago. The agency administrator wants to know how it is going and whether changes are needed.

6. Which aspect of the planning and evaluation cycle diversity ought to be considered in.

7. What type of causes (Hint Interaction of biological) of differences in health status among racial and ethnic groups is currently thought to result from?

8. If there’s reliable evidence that shows that socioeconomic status and health status are correlated.

9. Which ways does diversity enriches an organization.

10._________ is the set of activities in which key individuals define a set of desired improvements, develop a strategy to achieve those desired improvements, and establish a means to measure the attainment of those desired improvements.

11. Is it true that the “good” of individuals and society experiencing the prosperity associated with health and well-being is “bad” to the extent that prosperity produces ill health?

12. That assumption of planning

13. The type of need studied in a needs assessment.

14. Which type of assessment aims to answer the questions of: what are the population health problems, and what resources are locally available to address those health problems.

15. If in some cases, it is not feasible to collect primary data for a community health assessment because of limited resources. In that case, no assessment is done.

16. Which level of the public health pyramid an assessment would be most likely to involve an epidemiological approach with attention to describing the magnitude of various health problems.

17. What encompasses the incidence and prevalence of a disease or health condition?

18. Which measurements are commonly used in community health assessments?

19. The technique that converts rates or means of a known group into frequencies that can then be used to calculate an approximate frequency in another group.

20. Which planning stage step is important for analyzing a health problem for its direct and indirect causes and then applying the Hanlon basic priority rating system

21. Which component of the program theory includes the causal theory, intervention theory, and impact theory?

22. What are some examples of an intervention?

23. What can be considered an aspect of health and thus the root of a health program?

24. At t which level of the Public Health Pyramid would theories about the interaction of individuals with family or community most likely fit?

25. If health program interventions need to be thought of in terms of dosage, route of administration, mode of administration, and site of administration.

Reference no: EM13303106

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