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As a manager, how would you decide how many workers to hire? What factors might play a role in your decision? With retention becoming increasingly important due to the cost of hiring and training, how would you, as a manager, address retention issues? Include a summary of how this would impact your overall cost of production. 

If labor costs rise you may consider substituting capital input for labor input. What factors do you need to consider when making this substitution? If capital cannot be substituted for labor, what other options do you have to address the issue of rising labor costs?

Reference no: EM1331177

Discuss external industry change that have affect companies

What strategy does Coca Cola's follow to create competitive advantage over rivals? Discuss one strategy for each of the marketing mix elements: product, price, place and pro

Create grand strategy matrix for organization of your choice

Create a grand strategy matrix for an organization of your choice. Ideally, company you choose will be a familiar one and one to which you have easy access, such as your pla

Australia’s position in the industry

Outline and justify what industry strategies and government policies you would recommend be adopted to improve Australia’s position in the industry for the short and long term

Discuss the positives and negatives of corporate culture

Discuss the positives and negatives of corporate culture in the competitiveness of a firm. Relate how firms should deal with different corporate cultures in mergers and acqu

Describe the value of the design

Explain why your example would qualify as a quasi-experimental design and describe the value of your design example to the research community.

Identify the competitors in the market

Identify the competitors, if any, in the market you have selected. My selected market is water purifiers of Amway. Describe how you could position your product relative to oth

Can you identify any specific decision making errors

Think about a time when you've been in a group that had to make a collective decision that didn't turn out well.- Can you identify any specific decision-making errors the team

Explain the pros and cons of various strategies

Compare the pros and cons of various strategies, and recommend a strategic alternative that appears to best match the company's current position with the environmental circu


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