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1. Describe the actions, and the reasons for those actions, in the conduct of Design Reviews and the considerations for Configuration Management.

2. You have been tasked to manage a major proposal for a new system development. One of the requirements in the Request for proposal (RFP) is that the contractors prepare a Statement of Work (SOW), a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and an Integrated Schedule to be included in the response to the RFP. The person you intend to assign to this task will need guidance. Briefly discuss the guidance on purpose and content of the SOW, WBS, and Schedule that you will give to this person to assure a "job well done".

3. Discuss the challenges facing Project Manager in each of the following forms of organization structures:

A. Traditional,

B. Pure Project/Product,

C. Matrix, and

D. Integrated Product/Process Team

Now assume you have been tasked as Project Manager in a Matrix Organization to lead the development and production of a system. Describe who you will include in the Project Office, why, and how you will establish alignment within the Project Office staff and between the Project Office and the parent organization. Provide a diagram showing how the Project Office relates to the parent organization.

4. You, as the Project Manager, are anticipating a meeting that could be confrontational. Explain the sequence of actions that you could take to gain resolution of any conflicts that may occur.

Reference no: EM132184023

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