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1. The concept of “positioning” refers to:

- the level of quality that a product possesses relative to competitive offerings.

- trying to capture the ideal store location on major streets so that customers have easy access.

- merchandise layout within a retail location—shelving, interior design, etc.

- the image or view of a product that buyers have come to hold.

2. In looking at product assortment depth, one option a firm might explore is to:

- use the balance available in brand equity to fund new product research and development.

- adapt to consumers’ changing preferences and either increase or decrease the number of products.

- eliminate some distributors to streamline the supply chain.

- reposition each brand more effectively.

3. A college that has separate graduate & undergraduate admission offices recognizes that these are distinct:

- brand depth determinations.

- cobranded services extensions.

- levels of student quality.

- product/service lines.

4. The intangibility of the service means that:

- brandnames or trademarks can’t be used because they must refer to tangible goods in order to be effective.

- the value of a service may be based on a customer’s experience.

- advertising or other forms of promotion are of little importance to the services marketer.

- unused capacity cannot be shifted from one time period to another.

5. Which is an example of a product that is being sold in the business market?

- a mailbox to go in front of Pete’s new house.

- a thermometer to hang on the front porch of a school bus driver’s home.

- a truckload of sand to use on the beach being built for a lakefront resort.

- registration fee paid for a membership in a private health club.

Reference no: EM132234130

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