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Legal Sea Foods operates several restaurants and fish markets in the Boston area and other East Coast locations. The company’s standards of excellence mandate that it serves only the freshest, highest-quality seafood. It guarantees the quality by buying only the “top of the catch” fish daily. Although Legal Sea Foods tries to make available the widest variety every day, certain species of fish are subject to migratory patterns and are not always present in New England waters. Weather conditions may also prevent local fishermen from fishing in certain areas. Freshly caught fish are rushed to the company’s quality control center where they are cut and filleted in an environmentally controlled state-of-the-art facility. All shellfish come from government-certified beds and are tested in an in-house microbiology laboratory for wholesomeness and purity. There are even special lobster storage tanks so that all lobsters are held under optimum conditions, in clean, pollution-free water. Every seafood item is inspected for quality eight separate times before it reaches the table. At Legal Sea Foods’ restaurants, each meal is cooked to order. Even though servers make every effort to deliver all meals within minutes of each other, they will not jeopardize the quality of an item by holding it beneath a heat lamp until the entire order is ready. The service staff is trained to work as a team for better service. More than one service person frequently delivers food to a table. When any item is ready, the closest available person serves it. Customer questions can be directed to any employee, not just the person who took the initial order. a. Draw a high-level SIPOC map of this process. b. Suggest a set of CTQ’s for Legal Sea Food customers.

Reference no: EM132234986

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