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Assume you are the product manager for this company and the company will likely face decreasing sales because it has not introduced enough new products. As a product manager, you have been asked by its CEO to develop a new product or service.

Considering the new product development process outlined in your textbook, create a PowerPoint presentation explaining the following with at least one slide per writing prompt:

What is the new product or service?

How was the idea generated?

What is the market potential?

How would you test the concept of the new product or service?

What does the design of the product or service look like? Be creative here! Can you draft a picture of the product or draft a picture that represents/symbolizes the new service?

What is the estimated development time and process?

How would you beta-test the product or service?

How would you launch the product or service?

What are the ethical issues that relate to this new product or service?

Explain how the new product or service fits with the company’s existing marketing strategy.

Reference no: EM132234089

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