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Compare and Contrast
This writing assignment involves writing your Comparison and Contrast essay. Once you draft your essay and revise, you may submit it for feedback. The feedback will help you revise the draft so you can submit it as a final. The final version will be graded.
Option #1: The Classroom or the Web?
Which method of learning is better?
Option #2: The City or the Country?
Which is the better place to live?
Option #3: Which Vehicle is Better?
Which of two vehicles in the same class do you prefer?
Choose one of the options above and write an essay comparing or contrasting the two topics in your selection using EITHER the point-by-point OR the subject-by-subject method to organize the details and specific examples. Consider focusing on three to five subtopics and generate ideas through prewriting. Develop a strong thesis statement for your essay that both includes your opinion (either your
preference for one topic over the other OR which topic is best for each subtopic) as well as the specific subtopics you used to compare or contrast the two topics in your body paragraphs.
Sample Thesis Statements:
If you prefer one topic entirely over the other:
"Living in the city is better than living in the country because (add reason 1), (add reason 2), and (add reason 3)."
If you believe some subtopics work best for one topic while the other subtopics are best suited to the ther topic:
"Online learning is more (add one reason why online learning is better) than classroom learning; however, classroom learning (add one reason why classroom learning is better) and (add a second reason why classroom learning is better)."
Be sure to avoid beginning your comparisons or contrasts in the introduction. The only place the subtopics should appear in the introduction is in the thesis. Therefore, in the introduction consider discussing your experience with each location.
Then, in the body paragraphs remember to support your preference(s) outlined in the thesis. For instance, if you said you prefer the city over the country, your comparisons or contrasts should show evident favoritism for the city. Remember to avoid focusing on similarities in one paragraph and differences in another. Instead, compare or contrast the same subtopics across the two topics. If you choose the point-by-point structure, the topic sentence for each paragraph should include the paragraph's two topics as well as your opinion. For example, "The traditional classroom is better than an online class for collaborative learning." The paragraph would compare or contrast collaborative learning in both learning environments. If you choose the subject-by-subject structure, the topic sentence for  each paragraph should include the three to five subtopics discussed in the paragraph as well as your opinion. For instance, "The country is so peaceful and quiet, but it does not have many restaurant or shopping options."
The conclusion should sum up the specific subtopics as well as your preference. A well-developed paragraph often contains a minimum of five sentences.
Point-by-Point Subject-by-Subject
I. Introduction
A. Thesis
II. Subtopic 1
A. Topic 1
B. Topic 2
III. Subtopic 2
A. Topic 1
B. Topic 2
IV. Subtopic 3
A. Topic 1
B. Topic 2
V. Conclusion
I. Introduction
A. Thesis
II. Topic 1
A. Subtopic 1
B. Subtopic 2
C. Subtopic
III. Topic 2
A. Subtopic 1
B. Subtopic 2
C. Subtopic 3
IV. Conclusion
Here's an example of how you might organize using these methods for an essay about cats versus
dogs as pets (remember, this topic is not one of the options for this essay).
Point-by-Point Subject-by-Subject
I. Introduction
A. Thesis: Cats are better pets than dogs
because . . .
II. Subtopic 1: Noise level
A. Topic 1: Cats are quiet
B. Topic 2: Dogs can be noisy
III. Subtopic 2: Exercise
A. Topic 1: Cats do not have to be walked
B. Topic 2: Dogs require exercise
IV. Subtopic 3: Cleanliness
A. Topic 1: Cats groom themselves
B. Topic 2: Dogs need to be bathed
V. Conclusion
I. Introduction
A. Thesis: Cats are better pets than dogs
because . . .
II. Topic 1: Cats
A. Subtopic 1: Noise level
B. Subtopic 2: Exercise
C. Subtopic 3: Cleanliness
III. Topic 2: Dogs
A. Subtopic 1: Noise level
B. Subtopic 2: Exercise
C. Subtopic 3: Cleanliness
IV. Conclusion 
The guidelines for this assignment are as follows:
Length: This assignment should be at least 500 words.
Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following
• Your first and last name
• Course Title (Composition I)
• Assignment name (Comparison and Contrast)
• Current Date
• Double-spacing throughout
• Title, centered after heading
• Standard 12-point font (Arial, TimesNewRoman, Calibri)
• 1" margins on all sides
• Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt 

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