The circular cross section will be maintained during

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A cylindrical rod of 1040 steel originally 15.2 mm (0.60 in.) in diameter is to be cold worked by drawing; the circular cross section will be maintained during deformation. A cold-worked tensile strength in excess of 840 MPa (122,000 psi) and a ductility of at least 12%EL are desired. Furthermore, the final diameter must be 10 mm (0.40 in.). Explain how this may be accomplished.

Reference no: EM13545610

How long in hours will it take to reduce the concentration

One way to treat amd is to treat the metals in a holding pond. The first order rate constant is 10/day. The concentration in the water must be below 5 ppm. How long in hours

Estimate the electrical power in watts that needs

A small town produces 0.15 MGD of wastewater. How many acres in size would an aerated lagoon need to be to treat this wastewater assuming a depth of 8 ft. and a detention time

Compute 95 percent confidence intercals for b0 and b1

An article reports measurements of expansion for several concrete bridges in the area of Quebec City. Following are measurements of horizontal and vertical expansion (in par

What is the anle of internal friction for the sand

A direct shear cell 25.4cm x 25.4 cm in plan is filled with dry sand. a normal load of 6kN is applied to the sample, and the shear failure is 3.5kN. What is the anle of intern

Estimate the minimum absolute pressure

When a fluid flows through a sharp bend, low pressures may developin localized regions of the bend. Estimate the minimumabsolute pressure (in psi) that can develop without cau

What fraction of vehicles would be trucks on a photograph

If all trucks travel at a speed v', cars at a speed v, and the fraction of vehicles passing a stationary observer that are trucks is p, what fraction of vehicles would be tr

Determine the external wind pressure acting on the windward

A closed storage building is located on open flat terrain in central ohio. If the side wall of the building is 20ft high, determine the external wind pressure acting on the

Determine the second-law efficiency of this plant

The salt content of the fresh water is negligible, and the amount of fresh water produced is a small fraction of the seawater used. Determine the second-law efficiency of th


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