The chapter talks about SMART objectives or goals

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The chapter talks about S.M.A.R.T. objectives or goals. From the list below, your instructor will assign your group an adapted real-world company objective to review.

Starbucks: "In fiscal 2016, we plan to open approximately 1,800 new stores globally."

Walgreens: "Second is to hire a significant number of people with disabilities in our South Carolina distribution center, schedule to open soon, and achieve 20% productivity in gains there."

UPS: "65% of drivers will have access to the new technology (implemented in 2014) by the end of 2015." Also, "in 2015, we will increase operating profit in each of our three key businesses: U.S. domestic, international, and supply chain."

Halliburton: "We estimate that 74% of the backlog existing on 12/31 will be eliminated the following fiscal year."

Martha Stewart Living: "This year we will discontinue the Catalog for Living and its online product options, and sell remaining inventory by the first quarter of next year."

Does the objective meet the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines? Why or why not? If the objective does not meet the guidelines, how could it be rewritten so that it would meet the guidelines?

Reference no: EM131435718

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