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1.The Buy-More electronics chain store tags its inventory of Apple iPads with radio frequency ID tags to discourage theft and allow it to track sales across its stores.  With the "Black Friday"/"Cyber Monday" Christmas shopping season approaching Buy-More is running special sales.  As the inventory level drops faster than usual, the inventory management system routes more iPads from its distribution centers to the stores and the spikes in demand are picked up by Apple for faster replenishment.  What is Buy-More taking advantage of to manage its supply chain? 

Select one:
a. Drop Shipping   b. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) c. Blanket orders d. Vendor-Managed Inventory e. Single-stage Control of Replenishment
2.  The Borg Railroad operates in the eastern half of the United States.  Customers that ship freight from the East Coast to customers on the West Coast will contract service through Borg.  Borg will interchange cars with other freight railroads that serve the western half of the country and sometimes trucking companies that will deliver individual trailers to a local customer.  Handling the billing for thousands of cars per day that are delivered by other transportation vendors is complex.  Borg typically transmits carload information digitally directly to the other vendors, and pays for their services via electronic bank drafts.  What is Borg taking advantage of to manage its supply chain?

elect one:
a. Blanket orders b. Vendor-Managed Inventory c. Drop Shipping d. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) e. Electronic ordering and funds transfer
 3.A successful television actress who is well-known for wearing beautiful, stylish clothing decides to develop and market a line of footwear under the name "Sinderella Style".  Her primary employment remains acting on a top-rated television program so she designs the shoes in her spare time, licenses the manufacturing to a leather goods producer, and promotes the shoes in fashion shows and her personal appearances.  What sourcing strategy is the actress/entrepreneur following?  

Select one: a. Virtual Companies b. Backward Integration c. Forward Integration d. Keiretsu Networks e. Many Suppliers 
4.The Spencer Corporation is seeking to expand its operation by locating a plant overseas to develop and provide consumer electronic products in that region.  It's searching for local suppliers for its product components.  The corporation wants to avoid keeping a lot of inventory on hand and wants the suppliers to be very reliable.  Its goal is to develop close relations with a few firms that will work with Spencer to improve product quality and ensure they are designed to suit the local users' tastes.  What kind of supplier selection criteria is the corporation using?

Select one:
a. Differentiation Strategy b. Response Strategy c. Virtual Companies d. Low-Cost Strategy e. Joint Ventures
5. Mona Pharmaceuticals Inc. wishes to open a manufacturing plant in a foreign country.  The country has an educated workforce, good transportation infrastructure, and plentiful raw materials.  However, it has a serious problem with crime.  Which of the following risk reduction tactics may be a good way to mitigate the crime risk?

Select one: a. Kidnap & Ransom Insurance for top local executives b. Contracts with penalties c. Alternate Sourcing d. Hedging contracts e. Redundant databases 

Reference no: EM13880405

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