The burden of proof required in a criminal case

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1. The primary source of federal power to regulate trade between states is the

a. Supremacy Clause.

b. Commerce Clause.

c. Takings Clause.

d. power of eminent domain.

2. The primary trial court in the federal system is the

a. United States district court.

b. United States Supreme Court

c. United States appellate courts.

d. various appeals courts.

3. The burden of proof required in a criminal case is

a. a reasonable doubt.

b. highest degree of honesty.

c. clear and convincing.

d. a preponderance of the evidence.

4. Haley is an accountant for a large hospital network. She knows that she could easily "skim" money from the organization to keep for herself and chances are she would not get caught. However, she keeps thinking about what would happen to her and her family if her actions went viral and appeared all over the Internet or in her local newspaper. What ethics test is Haley considering?

a. the public scrutiny test

b. the social media test

c. the front page test


d. the bystander test

Reference no: EM13855151

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