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Calculate the style and number of tables you will need for 250 guests. Next, calculate the room size required for the style and amount of tables you require. Finally, use the budget calculator to start your preliminary budget.

For your discussion question this week, share your preliminary budget with your fellow classmates. What was your budget total for “hard costs or must haves” and how much was your budget total for your “wish list” items? What are your total costs so far? You still have a long way to go with your planning and many more costs that will be added. Brainstorm with your classmates to see what others think are necessary costs and what are not necessary or hard costs. Everyone will have their own opinion on this topic. Use this time to consider each other’s ideas and suggestions. Your goal is to ponder your budget decisions and add those items you may have forgotten and delete those you find are not really necessary. Save this budget for your project as you will be working with it further.

Reference no: EM132185161

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