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Select one of the research study articles that you found, giving preference to one that has an abstract that falls short of APA standards. (You will find these standards noted in the APA Publication Manual sections and by the course text readings cited in this week's Resources.) Use the following questions as a guide to asses the abstract, and then rewrite the abstract accordingly:

  • Did the author include a reference to the research study using a format consistent with the APAPublication Manual?
  • Did the author mention the problem addressed within the study?
  • Did the author state the central purpose of the study?
  • Is information about the sample, population, or subjects provided?
  • Are the key results summarized?
  • Is the journal article clearly a report of a research study (instead of an essay, opinion paper, typology, or synthesis of past research)?
  • Is the abstract no longer than a short paragraph (i.e., less than 1 double-spaced page)?

Reference no: EM131125701

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