The airline fault because of safety violations

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1. Do research on an airplane incident that was considered to be the airline's fault because of safety violations. Give the details of the cases. Lastly, give your opinion of why the airlines cut safety corners in light of protecting their employees.

2. A certain state passes a “three strikes” felony statute declaring that any person who is convicted of three separate felonies will receive a lifetime prison sentence without possibility of parole. Would this statute be classified as criminal or civil? Why? Would this statute be classified as substantive or procedural? Why?

Reference no: EM132280202

Employee of patti principal

Alice Agent is an employee of Patti Principal. She negligently runs a stop sign in the course of her employment and injures Bart Bikerider. Can Bart sue Patti for his damages

Differences in bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches

What are the differences between bottom-up and top-down estimating approaches? Determine advantages and disadvantages for using each approach. Under what conditions would you

When developing school policies

When developing school policies, the U.S. Constitution should be considered the primary source of law. Statutes should be considered the second primary source of law if they a

In the market for most consumer goods and services

In the market for most consumer goods and services we assume the law of supply and demand, operating through open competition, determines the price. Competition, however, does

Differentiation strategy and with cost leadership strategy

What are 6 employment sources that HRM can utilize to source candidates for customer service sales position at a company with differentiation strategy and with cost leadership

The estimated net income and new cash flow

The companmy is considering a capital expenditure of $480,000. It has an estimated life of 4 years and no salvage value. The estimated net income and new cash flow from the

Determine the optimality condition-optimum unchanged

A company produces two products, A and B. The unit revenues are $2 and $3, respectively. Two raw materials, M1 and M2, used in the manufacture of the two products have respect

Based on the paired comparison analysis

A company manufactures auto spare parts. The company employs 1500 workers in its two units. The management of the company wants to move the low technology, labor intensive par


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