The airline fault because of safety violations

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1. Do research on an airplane incident that was considered to be the airline's fault because of safety violations. Give the details of the cases. Lastly, give your opinion of why the airlines cut safety corners in light of protecting their employees.

2. A certain state passes a “three strikes” felony statute declaring that any person who is convicted of three separate felonies will receive a lifetime prison sentence without possibility of parole. Would this statute be classified as criminal or civil? Why? Would this statute be classified as substantive or procedural? Why?

Reference no: EM132280202

What was the most complex project

What was the most complex project that you have been involved in and give examples of the following as they pertain to the project: the work breakdown structure, tasks, subtas

Choose one of the six basic management functions

Scenario: You are employed by a 240-bed urban medical center. You directly supervise 30 staff Physical Therapists in the Rehabilitation Department in which you are the Depar

Discuss one of the effective interest groups

Discuss one of the effective interest groups listed here: {identity, Business, Professional,labor and Environmental} interest groups. Are you involve in an interest group? If

Explain how your organization could benefit from employing

Search the library also provide 2 research citations that illustrate examples of companies that are utilizing e-business strategies (e.g., B2B, B2C), also discuss explain ho

Identify statistical tools and methods

Identify the appropriate family of statistical tools that you will use to perform your analysis. What are your statistical assumptions concerning the data that led you to se

The doctrine of stare devises is fundamental

Sovereign immunity holds that the courts of one nation lack the jurisdiction to hear suits against foreign governments unless the foreign nation has waived immunity or. The Fi

Considering bringing the garage fabrication process

Angels Inc. is considering bringing the garage fabrication process (which is currently outsourced) in-house. If garage fabrication were brought in-house, the factory would be

What are the advantages of resource leveling

What are the advantages of resource leveling? What is involved in conducting procurements? How do project teams develop a list of qualified sellers? What are some of the main


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