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1) Which is not one of the six areas of litigation services that the AICPA committee suggested in 1986? 

a. Damages. 

b. Valuation. 

c. Accounting.

d. Analyses.

e. All the above were suggested.  

2) Peremptory refers to:  

a. Be there first.  

b. Not requiring any cause to be shown. 

c. One who strives to be the best. 

d. Take the place of.  

e. None of the above.  

3) What was the smoking gun to convict Al Capone? 

a. An accountant's cash receipts ledger.  

b. Lavish lifestyle. 

c. Murdering a competitor.  

d. Wholesaling alcoholic beverages.

e. None of the above.  

4) Which would not be included in the AICPA's definition of forensic accounting? 

a. Auditing.

b. Investigative skills. 

c. Quantitative methods.  

d. Accounting.  

e. None of the above.  

5) Which would probably not be an added procedure in a forensic audit?  

a. Extensive use of interviews.  

b. Not accepting sampling as evidence. 

c. Mending evidential matter standards with the rules of evidence.  

d. Searching for legal evidence.  

e. All would be used.  

6) Which white-collar crimes does the FBI investigate? 

a. Money laundering.

b. Bank fraud. 

c. Health care fraud.  

d. Environmental crimes. 

e. All of the above.

Reference no: EM13864478

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