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Analayse tesco supermarket SBU- use Resource Based view theory

Within the financial resources you must mention some key financial indexes either of TESCO supermarkets Strategic Business Unit (SBU) (and/)or TESCO's group that you can find from Google, published statements, Mintel or Bloomberg databases. As for mentioning comparative measures from a key competitor, you will need to state clearly what are the core capabilities/competencies of TESCO and why they are core? E.g. financial control and economies of scale-are they core? Also do they lead to competitive advantage? If yes, is it cost leadership or differentiation or a bit of both (hybrid strategy)? In this way you are actually describing TESCO's existing business level strategy that you need in the last question.

As for Value Chain.: . Here, you need to show those linkages (combinations of primary to support activities) that either increase the customer value or reduce the operating cost. In this way, again you can conclude into what competitive advantage(s) are created for TESCO and how. The outcomes of Resources+Capabilities and Value Chain should agree ( which combinates do tesco use, backup using refrences also)

As for leadership, decision making, culture, politics etc. Yes, you can mention them within the resources appraisal above! OR, if you want to make a separate section/part for those (since you have a limited word count), please keep it short and practically focused. In any case, please reference properly/academically every single of those concepts. The essential part of this question is R+Cs and Value Chain.

Reference no: EM13230715

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