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Demographic trends suggest that a large number of baby boomers are on the verge of retiring. The Bay Area Medical Practice is meeting to focus on it's next 5 year strategic plan. It has performed a patient analysis and has determined that 40% of it's patient base is baby boomers. From an operational perspective, how might this group respond to this in terms of the four P's of marketing strategy?

Reference no: EM131278267

Which stage in the relationship development process

Which stage in the relationship development process is characterized by an increase in the derived relationship benefits and in risk taking? Analytical CRM includes the follow

Perceived conflict between earning profit-being responsible

There is sometimes a perceived conflict between earning profit and being responsible. What should CanGo do about adding violent games to their product mix? What impact might t

Identifies one of major human resource management laws

Identifies one of the major Human Resource Management (HRM) Laws. Discuss how the law has impacted employees and/or organizations. How do you see the law being applied in the

Information be used as source of strategy

Why is it important to look at both the manager and the employee point of view when engaging in human resource planning, and how can this information be used as a source of st

The power bases used by the leader

The power bases used by the leader. The influence tactics used by the leader. The leadership style of the leader. The outcome (or potential outcome) of the situation. Conclude

Describe different definitions of contingent liabilities

Describe different definitions of contingent liabilities and the three ranges of loss contingencies outlined in SFAS No. 5. What are the accounting and disclosure requirements

What are strategies adopted for new product introduction

What are the main strategies adopted for new product introduction? What are the differences between them? Why is there a process for new product design and development? Are al

Principal features of outback steakhouse''s strategy

What are the principal features of Outback Steakhouse's strategy in the US? Why has the strategy been so successful. What are the key elements of the international expansion s


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