Terms of a contract in a country

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How do you enforce the terms of a contract in a country that has an unstable government or where the laws contradict or at a minimum, do not support all the terms in your contract?

Reference no: EM131387230

Destruction of chair constitutes automatic valid revocation

If Earl, a nonmerchant, offered to sell a chair to Isaac, a nonmerchant. Earl's house caught fire and destroyed the chair before Isaac accepted Earl's offer to buy the chair. 

Create comprehensive list of stakeholders groups

A University recently implemented a new online Student Evaluation of Instructor (SEI) for managing student evaluations. For this system. Create a comprehensive list of stakeho

Describe five criteria use to measure the worth

Describe in detail how you will conduct the research needed to determine the best recommended alternative to your employer. Your assignment must: Describe five criteria that

Examine most common differences affecting employees

Examine the most common differences affecting employees with organizations and give two (2) specific examples of techniques that managers can use to effectively capitalize on

Where there was an incident of computer sabotage

Have any of you worked for a company where there was an incident of computer sabotage. If not, do you think your company has adequate IT controls to prevent such an occurrence

Develop a list of topics that nonpurchasing personnel

Develop a list of topics that nonpurchasing personnel should be allowed to talk about with their counterparts at suppliers. Develop a list of topics that only purchasing

What is the average customer waiting time in the system

The bijou Theatre in Hermsa Beach, California shows vintage movies. Customers arrive at the theatre line at the rate of 100 per hour. The ticket seller averages 30 seconds per

Determining 90 percent confidence interval

The Ajax Corporation would like to know the average age of its employees. The average age of a sample of 100 employees is 28 years with a standard deviation of 6.5 years.


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