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4. (4 points) Telephone service providers are now offering ADSL service to home using the existing twisted-pair telephone wires. The signal can be carried up to a maximum of 1-MHz baseband with an S/N (signal power/noise power in ratio) of 30 dB. S/N in decibels (dB) is defined as 10 log10(signal power/noise power).

Using MPEG-2 compression techniques,
(a) a non-sports video channel can be broadcast at 3-Mbps data rate
(b) a sports video channel at 6 Mbps. Shannon's limitation for information capacity for a channel

Maximum bit rate (bits/sec) = B log2(1+S/N),
where S/N is in ratio (and not in dB) and B is the bandwidth.

How many video channels can simultaneously be transmitted over the line for the two cases?

Reference no: EM13713513

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