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Assuming by the beginning of August 2016, the MOH will start to offer a tele-phone counseling services to help smokers quit by motivation through Tobacco Control Program TCP. The services will be launched in Riyadh and subsequently to be expanded to other cities. The program will be delivered through paraprofessional counselors who will receive extensive training and guided by computer screens about decision tree/s in the counseling protocol. The decision tree/s should include elements addressing the motivation process for help seekers.

Currently, you are a member of developing this health informatics program and you are assigned to develop the required decision tree/s.

Based on what you have studied in Chapter 5 and 6 of the OB textbook,

1- Briefly explain what are the elements that you propose? Why?

2- Provide a proposed decisional tree/s (graph) that can fit the scenario above.

Reference no: EM131032060

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