Teeny company is trying to sell toy b to gigantic company

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Teeny Company is trying to sell Toy B to Gigantic Company. Gigantic sends their standard 258 page contract to Teeny and says, "We'll take 4000 Toy Bs if you can ship by next week. Please sign." Teeny calls Atty JoeBob and says, "Our break has arrived! Gigantic is buying 4000 ToyBs and paying us $8 each for them! They cost us $7.25 to make but we're getting our foot in the door! Can you look over this 258 page contract for us and let us know what we should do?" Atty JoeBob spends the next 3 days, non-stop reading the contract. He finds 22 clauses which he feels will cost Teeny anywhere from $20K to $30K in damages if things totally out of their control happen. He calls Teeny on day 4 and says, "I've got your counterproposal to give Gigantic. I don't recommend you sign ANY OF THIS until they agree to my changes." He faxes the changes over, along with the $5,000 atty fees bill for the work he did on the nightmare contract. Teeny calls Gigantic, and the "negotiator" says, "Ok, fax over the counterproposals." Teeny faxes. On Day 7, "negotiator" from Gigantic calls and says, "Nope. We don't agree to any of this...it's either our way or the highway." Teeny has been waiting for this day for a long time...and now is stuck. It's either sign today or go away. Teeny calls Atty JoeBob and JoeBob's secretary says, "JoeBob is in court all week in trial. I'll leave him a message." What should Teeny do? Why?  

Reference no: EM13185269

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