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Assignment 1: Teamwork and Leading Teams Describe in detail an experience working with teams in or outside your workplace. Explain in detail and provide examples of the advantages and challenges of working in teams discussed in your reading that you experienced. How did your team learn as a group and move forward in the team-building process? What was your experience as it relates to your organization’s culture? Assume you are the leader and know what you know now about leading teams. How would you use both formal and informal communication processes to communicate with your team members? How would you facilitate moving your team through the stages of team development? What if your team were a global one with members spread out throughout the world. Discuss three factors you need to consider to ensure team effectiveness. Post your answers to the questions in paragraph form (minimum of 500-600 words) to the Discussion Area by Saturday, March 26, 2016. Be sure to incorporate your weekly readings, and cite your sources using proper APA guidelines (including in-text citations and references). Respond with meaningful feedback that adds value to the discussion to two classmates before the end of the week.

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