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Each candidate in this class is to identify a teacher in her/his school who is willing to participate in a supervisory experience.  The candidate is to conduct a pre-conference with the teacher.  Then an actual classroom observation is to take place.  Following that classroom observation, the candidate is to conduct a follow-up conference with the teacher.  Following that conference, the candidate is to complete a written evaluation which includes a professional growth plan for the teacher.  In addition, the candidate will write a personal reflection of the experience.


  1. Each candidate will select a colleague within her/his school building that is willing to volunteer to be evaluated.
  2. The candidate will conduct a pre-conference with the teacher.
  3. The candidate will observe a formal lesson taught by the teacher according to your district practice.
  4. The candidate will conduct a follow-up conference with the teacher focusing on the lesson presentation and the effectiveness of the lesson.
  5. The candidate will submit the details of the pre-conference including the following: list of preconference questions, evidence of documenting teacher responses, appropriate questions as discussed within class, and evidence of what they are looking for in the lesson.                                                  
  6. The candidate will write a formal evaluation of the classroom observation using the format prescribed by the candidate's current district or a format supplied by the instructor.  The evaluation will include a professional growth plan for the teacher.
  7. The candidate will submit the details of the post-conference including notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the lesson taught.
  8. The candidate will submit the lesson plan and supplementary materials used by the teacher.          
  9. The candidate will write a one page reflection of the experience.   
  10. The candidate will use appropriate conventions of the English language (i.e. correct grammar, spelling, and sentence structure).

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