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Toyota created the Toyota Production System (TPS) to become one of the most successful car manufacturers on the planet. Part of the reason for their success was the Lean principles embodied in the TPS (Liker & Morgan. 2006). In his paper to the 2014 MCA/MACORG conference, Phillipe Lorino noted that Lean seems to have lost its full expression since then, concentrating on muda, a Taylorian view of efficiency.

You are required to present on the following questions:

Why is management accounting in practice pulled between Taylorism and Toyota's version of Lean? What research evidence is there that the slack built into the TPS version of Lean is an essential part of long term success and should not be confused with waste?

As part of your presentation you will need to make various definitions and assumptions clear.

Starter references:

J. K. Liker and J. M. Morgan (2006). The Toyota Way in Services: The Case of Lean Product Development.' Academic Management Perspectives, May 1, 2006 vol. 20 no. 2 pp 5-20

P. Lorino (2014). 'Performance Management: The strange history of Lean.' MACORG Conference Proceedings, Aston.

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The paper is about the characteristics and principles that make the production systems of the automobile giant Toyota unique. This paper discusses how the same principles of lean manufacturing founded & developed over the years at Toyota have been applied by companies in other industries and sectors as well and they have proved beneficial for them. The paper brings out that productivity in companies that followed lean systems has been enhanced. The paper has been prepared in Microsoft office words document.

Reference no: EM131264065

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