Taxes the employer must pay on this employees wages

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The current FUTA tax rate is 0.6%, and the SUTA tax rate is 5.4%. Both taxes are applied to the first $7,000 of an employee's pay. Assume that an employee earned total wages of $9,900. What is the amount of total unemployment taxes the employer must pay on this employee's wages?

Reference no: EM131293623

Journalize in single entry interest expense

How much was Amazon’s long-term debt at December 31, 2009? Of this amount, how much was due within one year? How much was payable beyond one year in the future? Journalize in

Pine street should sell unfinished or finished bookcases

Pine Street Inc. makes unfinished bookcases that it sells for $59.30. Production costs are $37.21 variable and $10.22 fixed. Because it has unused capacity, Pine Street is con

How much dividends did they pay during the year

ABC Company reported the following figures on the Balance Sheet: If ABC Company reported Net Income for the Year of $1,200,000, how much dividends did they pay during the year

Related to the proper presentation of financial statements

How is materiality (or immateriality) related to the proper presentation of financial statements? What factors and measures should be considered in assessing the materiality o

Financial statement and file her tax return

Like most business owners in their first year, Dr. Rooney does not know how to create her financial statements. She hires you as her accountant to put together her financial s

How would the change affect the reported expenditures

In the year of the change they thereby had one fewer pay periods. How would the change affect the reported expenditures of a governmental fund under GAAP?

Prepare a factory overhead cost variance report

Tiger Equipment Inc., a manufacturer of construction equipment, prepared the following factory overhead cost budget for the Welding Department for May 2012. The company expect

Calculate its markup percentage using variable-cost pricing

variable manufacturing overhead $18; fixed manufacturing overhead $42; variable selling and administrative expenses $14; and fixed selling and administrative expenses $28. I


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