Tau is a protein that participates in different processes

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Reference no: EM13528151

Tau is a protein that participates in different processes: it is a microtubule associated protein, it protects cells from apoptosis induced by TNF, it is required for the amyloid beta to induce apoptosis, and it is found in the nucleus at different stages of the cell. What mechanisms do you think it is working on?

Reference no: EM13528151

Assuming that the chromosome is one dna double helix

E. coli chromosomes in which every nitrogen atom is labeled (that is, every nitrogen atom is the heavy isotope 15N instead of the normal isotope 14N) are allowed to replicat

Essential alterations for malignant transformation

Describe the essential alterations for malignant transformation? and describe two morphological methods and two biochemical methods for detection of apoptosis in cancer cell

What hormone must be administered to her

Her breath smells like acetone and her blood glucose test out at 650mg/100ml of blood. She is in acidosis. What hormone must be administered to her and why. Where may she find

Centromere is at theleft-end of all chromosomes

Diagram the pairing behavior at meiosis prophase I of atranslocation heterozygote that has normal chromosomes of the gene order abcdefghij and mnopqrstuv and translocated ch

How many grams of acetic acid

how many grams of acetic acid ( C2H4O2) would you use to make 10L of a 0.1 M aqueous solution of acetic acid? (note: the atomic masses ,in daltons , are approximately 12 for c

Explain the imbalance on the molecular, cellular

Describe the symptoms of that disease; Explain the imbalance on the molecular, cellular and tissue levels; Describe the current treatments and prognoses of those treatments;

The national labor relations board has sought a court

The National Labor Relations Board has sought a court order that would have required Boeing to maintain its second 787 assembly line in the Pacific Northwest, not at the plant

Question about immunology

The complement system and innate immunity via Toll-like receptors play critical roles in immune defenses against pathogens. These two systems traditionally have been considere


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