Tata motors rejigs car strategy to regain share

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Tata Motors rejigs car strategy to regain share

Tata Motors is gearing up for a resurrection in the passenger vehicle (PV) space, backed by an aggressive revamp plan.

With its proposed two new launches coupled with complete overhaul of sales and service network, the company is hopeful of regaining double-digit market share in the car segment.

After a gap of many years, the company is set to roll out two completely new cars during July or August this year. The launch of Bolt (a new hatchback) and Zest (a compact sedan) will mark the company's ambitious foray in petrol segment.

"Our new launches will certainly help us move forward and regain our position. With entry into petrol segment, 50 per cent of the market where we don't play today, we definitely expect the share to go up. Clearly, the intention is to hit the double-digit level," Ankush Arora, Senior Vice-President - Passenger Vehicles (Commercial), Tata Motors, told this correspondent during a telephonic interview.

The company has embarked on an overhaul plan. Under which, it is refurbishing its dealer outlets with a new identity and brand language of Tata Motors -younger, progressive and modern, and very consumer-friendly. About 120 outlets are presently undergoing renovation, and all these will sport a new avatar from mid-May. Another 120 outlets will undergo the same revamp and flaunt new look before July-end. It is deploying technology in a big way in sales and service functions.

Mr. Arora said the company was in the process hiring about 3000 sales people in a bid to attract more buyers as it would get into selling petrol-powered vehicles.

He asserted that there wouldn't be long intervals between its product launches like in the past. Tata Motors would roll out at least one new model every year besides variants and face-lifts. "Our upcoming products will be far more global and reflect new modern design language of Tata," he added.

Tata Motors' market share in the car segment fell to six per cent in 2013-14 from nine per cent in 2012-13 and 13 per cent in 2011-12.

http://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/tata-motors-rejigs-car-strategy-to-regain-share/article5956885.ece 29 Apr 2014

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Reference no: EM13332036

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