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Consider a plant that packages peanut butter. For each jar the upper spec limit is 8.7 oz. and the lower spec limit is 7.3 oz. The standard deviation of the process is 0.2 oz.

If the mean (target) of the process is 7.6 oz., is the process capable? Justify your answer.

Suggest a new target value for which the process is capable.

Reference no: EM13844980

Demand for particular part-what is economic order quantity

The demand for a particular part called SKU 005 is 1,200 units a year. The cost of one SKU 005 is $40.00. It costs $35.00 to place an order of SKU 005, and the holding cost pe

With examples describe two important employee attitudes

With examples describe two important employee attitudes. In your answer be sure to explain why those attitudes are important. Managers have the ability to shape employee behav

What was your effective EAR over the holding period

You buy a bond with a $1,000 par value today for a price of $910. The bond has 7 years to maturity and makes annual coupon payments of $82 per year. You hold the bond to matur

Determine the three most important issues

Commercial property usually costs a lot more than an ordinary house; so many businesses prefer to lease the property. Determine the three most important issues to you if you

Change management plan addresses change in project scope

Using a hypothetical project, create a change management process plan that addresses how you would communicate, authorize, and track the changes through the duration of the pr

Guidelines provide good map for an employer during staffing

The uniform guidelines are designed to aid in the achievement of our nation's goal of equal employment opportunity without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, sex, r

Foundational values of the enron code of ethics

Kenneth Lay, former chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Enron Corp., claimed to be a moral and ethical leader and exhorted Enron officers and employees to be highly

Pull systems for operations planning and control

Compare and contrast push versus pull systems for operations planning and control. Give an example of each type of system and discuss the characteristics of the system which m


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