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Question. Sam Student had borrowed $1,000 from his cousin. Sam and the cousin became involved in a heated disagreement when the cousin began to press Sam for repayment of the loan. Finally, Sam wrote a check for $190 to the cousin and conspicuously wrote on the check in big letters that it was full and final payment for the $1,000 loan. In need of money, the cousin cashed the check and demanded the other $800 from Sam. Sam refuses to pay, that they had entered into an accord and satisfaction that discharged Sam's obligation to pay anything more. The cousin sued Sam. Talk about the probable outcome.

Reference no: EM139602

Obtain also maintain possession of larrys property

Donald's debt to Everett is past due. Everett brings a legal action against Donald to collect the debt. To ensure which a judgment in Everett's favour will be collectible, E

Leads to missed deadlines

Most of us find it hard to manage our time effectively which leads to missed deadlines, tight schedules and stress. If we learn how to manage our time, many of these problem

Assignment on internal and external impacts

In this module you examined globalization and environmental changes and trends. You also learned that leaders need to stay current on both internal and external forces that

Introduction with new leadership management

Introduction with new leadership management - What are some topics to talk about in this meeting and i want to put forth my best foot and make a good impression on my manager

Establish policies and systems for the business

You were recently hired as management director of the new I Can Business Incorporated (ICBI). You have been asked to establish policies and systems for the business. The fir

Explain retail stores business process

Explain Retail Stores business process, Visit some retail establishment of your choice in order to gain specific knowledge about the marketing activities of the operation

Transaction in the appropriate general ledger accounts

Record the transaction in the appropriate general ledger accounts. Record the amount of the revenue, expense, and dividends, in the Retained Earning column. Provide the appr

Demand equation and determine its intercepts

From the data given, write down the demand equation and determine its intercepts. Are there any precautions needed when operating at the extreme ends of the demand curve?


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